Monday 7 December 2015

Czech, Italian and even Canadian Visit for Bridgwater Carnival

Czech cops in town for carnival
So for Carnival time this year we had a visit from the Uherske Hradiste Mayor and council plus a couple of Czech Police officers, a Czech teacher from the UH Gymnasium , a couple of itinerant Canadians and Luigi from Italy.

This is what we did

Model Farm, where the group stays
UH Civic group
Mr Stanislav Blaha mayor of Uherske Hradiste
Mr Zdeněk Procházka vice mayor of Uherske Hradiste
Mr Josef Botek – Chief Executive of Uherske Hradiste
Mr Rostislav Němec – new head of the mayor´s office department and translator
Czech Police group
Mr Vlastimil Pauřík chief of municipal police
Mr Radek Pavelka municipal police officer
Ms Adéla Tobolová assistant for twin towns and translator
Czech teacher from UH gymnazium
Peter Horcicko –job shadowing AT Bridgwater College
Bridgwater Priverno link
Luigi Teodonio – Mayor of Privernos assistant
Bridgwater Canada link
Shawna Cooper-Music promoter
Liam Cooper- student

Petr Horcicko -teacher not bishop
Sun 1 Nov
Petr Horcicko arrives at Bristol airport 1815  Collected by Brian
Accommodation 1 Castle street, Bridgwater 

Mon 2 Nov
Petr does a weeks worth of job shadowing at Bridgwater college with STEPHEN BOND  0900-0100- job shadowing 0100 lunch at canteen 

Tue 3 nov
0900-0100- job shadowing   
1400-1800 Afternoon-day trip to Glastonbury ,Wells & Cheddar

Wed 4 nov
Petr has  job shadowing
Afternoon to Bristol to collect Luigi Teodonia from Bristol coach station  and Shawna & Liam from Bristol airport then off back to Bridgwater for an Indian meal with the local Internationalists

 Thu 05 November 2015 
Petr has some more job shadowing
Meanwhile the Czech dignatories arrive (Bristol airport 1815) and we take them to
MODEL FARM  at Perry Green, 
For the evening we have a meal for them at the Green Olive

MP and SDC Chair meet Czechs
Friday 06 November
Petr has a bit more job shadowing
Czech Police group (x3) are collected from Model Farm  by Police car and taken to  Police HQ (Portishead) for a full days programme including 0845 Comms 1000 leave HQ  1030 Almondsbury RPU & Dog Unit, ride along, demonstrations & armoury visit  1300 lunch 1345 protestor removal 1500 Black rock range and demonstration 1600 transport to Model Farm arr 1645 (for 1700 departure)
The Czech Civic Group  has a visit to town centre and the Friday market and can seen the  carnival preparations and then a 1200 reception at Sedgemoor District Council by civic leaders including a special guest appearnce of Ian Liddell-Grainger MP who has suddenly found himself the chairman of the Parliamentary czech/Slovak committee.
1415-1515 visit to the new Swimming pool 1610
1530-1630 visit to Cllr Dyers agro-tourism business
1630 return to accommodation  1700 depart for evening
1715-1845 Evening meal with Mayor of Bridgwater Tudor Restaurant 
'"you're not so big now hey!"
 1915 *Annual fireworks display on Fairfield
2000 Bar 27 (Lounge bar with live music)  to see 'Snappa' a local pop group who play a mixture of The Beatles, The Who, The Stones, Elvis, Johnny Cash, T. Rex, Buzzcocks, Hendrix, Undertones, U2, Blur, Oasis, Green Day, Kaiser Chiefs,  

Saturday 07 November
In town for free morning watching carnival preparations
Cornhill stage includes;- 1030 Harry Winchester (singer) 1125 Molly & The Kings (jazz) 1220 Jordan Hill (guitarist) 1310 Flossy & Boos (comedy songs)High street stage 1220 Flossy & Boos 1300 Bang on (junk percussion)High street 1100 majorettes 1130 Nat Howell (street entertainer) 1230 Matt Barnard (street entertainer)  1320 meridian drum corpsAngel place 100 ACTs choir followed by childrens entertainmentsTown centre; 1230 Swank (street theatre)NB entertainments cont all day
1200 fish and chips for everyone at west quay  
Afternoon the civic group goes to visit  Cheddar
Ian Dyer shows the czechs I really need to resist this caption
1400 The Police group has a walk around the town then visits CCTV/SDC   and then afterwards   1500 visit to Police station
including the Carnival Briefing
1730 group meal at Squib West street
For the carnival everyone goes to  watch it outside the  Mansion House
1800 the Czech Police are collected from Squib by Andrew Pritchard + Dom Bryant to shadow during carnival parade working  jointly with Bridgwater officers on Carnival parade- 

Sun 08 November 2015
On the way to the airport the visiting Czechs, Italian and Canadians have a 
short stop at  the Cenotaph in Kings Square for remembrance day.
Liam Cooper from Guelph Ontario reads the poem 'In Flanders Field'by John Mcrea

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