Monday 7 December 2015

What we did this year....2015

Secretary's report 2015
What seemed like it was going to be a quiet year turned into a very busy one and with a surprisingly large amount of Czech exchange projects (12), which had been taking a backseat in recent years. We twinned with a new town (Priverno in Italy) started a new venture (English lessons at the College) actually exchanged actual Police forces (there's something we never thought we'd end up doing) and we organised a Twinning Conference. Next year we prevent Jupiter from colliding with Uranus. Let's hope it works (and we get the grant). To read a reportback on each trip click on the link.

January 2015 Czech and Italian Family centre workers drop in

Thursday 26 February 2015 Bridgwater twins with Priverno
 Saturday 7th March 2015 Bridgwater Twinning Conference

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